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Farma Cultura is where fresh fruit and vegetables, grown and sourced locally, ethically and ecologically, have become a way of life.

We believe that food should always be nourishing and cooking forever inspired by the bounty of the seasons. We believe that a beautiful table in the garden, with good wine and fresh food is a memorable experience that everyone deserves to enjoy.

Our suppliers - the ethical beekeeper, the artisan baker, the cheesemaker - and all the people we choose to partner with, are featured here because of who they are what they bring to the world.

Our daily life and work, guided by our commitment to sustainability, is summed up perfectly in the “3Rs” mantra: Reduce, Repurpose and Recycle. Say it, live it!

What’s in a name you ask? (and we are so glad you did!)

Farma – A natural evolution of the word ‘farm’ that sounds a little Italian
Cultura – From our German-accented grand-farmer who first worked this land​

Since the day we first revived my old grandfather’s forgotten farm, this magical place has become home to a growing community of people who care. 


In farm living, every season is an inspiration! The farm and its grounds are rich with possibilities; host your own private or corporate event, share a fresh picnic basket packed with love. We are thrilled to share the benefits of outdoor living, through open gatherings, group tours and expert workshops, but mostly - we love to watch as guests first taste the farm-to-table magic our chef has brought in from the fields!. 


What We Do


Our farm shop is a perfect place to stop! Stop and grab a green shake; stop to see today’s harvest; stop to stock up your pantry with the wholesome goodies we live by. Stop what you are doing and walk through to the back of the shop into the garden for a magical moment to yourself! And, although we love to have you over - if you’re not ‘enroute’, we will gladly stop by with your delivery.



Our objective is to deliver only the best, seasonal organic produce, which is the outcome of a complex and evolving ecosystem, founded on the principles of Permaculture. Our team is diverse, dedicated and eco-driven all the way. We believe that the best and most beneficial vegetables are grown with loving hands in healthy soil that is naturally and consistently replenished.

What We Do

Farming has been in our family for over 3 generations; but until we had our firstborn, we had no idea this was where we were heading. 

A move from the city to our grandfather’s abandoned farm, awakened a hidden longing for working the land. The character and story-filled old buildings that remained, mesmerized us and inspired us to dream.

Since, our garden has become a secret haven overflowing with beautiful and rare florae, unusual vegetables from faraway lands, medicinal herbs and many extraordinary people.

Farma Cultura is our representation of the new agricultural archetype, driven by an undeniable connection between sustainable farming and the food on our plates.

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