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Our garden

Between the field on the hill and the beautiful farm shop at the entrance, in the heart of the farm is the "garden". A space wrapped in trees, spices and flowers.

A place to sit, meet and entertain. Throughout the day people sit and work in it (there is WIFI). It is open to everyone just come and see. Pleasant to sit in the morning with a green smoothie or sit on a bench with a picnic basket and a glass of wine.

When evening comes, the garland lights come on and around a set table we invite you to take part in the experiences of Farma Dine , a chef's meal from the field to the plate.

Pharma's Green Smoothie
Start the day well

Our famous green smoothie is ground every morning from 6:00 in the morning and there is no need to order in advance. Throughout the morning we prepare a variety of fresh and green smoothies based on fresh vegetables from the garden in an accurate and successful recipe that is already there. The smoothie is a nutritious breakfast for those who go out for the work day, an excellent drink for those who have finished a physical activity or a healthy tasting from the garden during their stay on the farm.

Picnic basket on the farm
Sit down to eat "in small"

In the basket you will find the picnic we have prepared for you:
Fresh vegetables from the field, handmade sheep cheeses, sourdough bread, spreads and dips we prepared, olives, butter, jam, fruit and a jar of garden herbs.

You can add chilled wine or green smoothies to the salsa and other toppings instead.

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